Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Eye Of Hugo

Recently, my brother and I cleaned out our childhood home. We found many long lost toys that we haven't seen since we were young. There was a box of Mego parts, Micronauts, Big Jim stuff, Six Million Dollar Man, GI Joes and tons of other stuff. Much of it is now stored in my garage, whenever it warms up here in Ohio, I will sort it all out.
One thing I found was "The Eye Of Hugo." Hugo, Man Of A Thousand Faces was manufactured by Kenner in the mid 70's. My parents aquired one for me for Christmas back then (even though I had never asked for him). The story behind why I got it is - my folks were going back to their car after doing some Christmas shopping, they saw another car pulling out and Hugo fell off the top. They picked him up and gave him to me at Christmas. I guess, technically, my parents are thieves. :)
I grew very fond of Hugo, even though he was kind of creepy. He had several 'disguises' you could glue on his face, such as eyes, nose, scars, moustache, etc. I don't know what happened to Hugo. All I have left is his eye.

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E Jones said...

I love Hugo! I lucked out and found one on eBay a few years ago (sans disguises) for just five bucks. If you've never seen it/heard it, check out the album "Son of Sam-I-Am" by Too Much Joy - Hugo features prominently on the cover, plus there's actually a song about him (called "Hugo", 'natch).