Thursday, July 24, 2014

Return To The Estate Sales!

In my last post I said I would return to an estate sale where I bought some lunchboxes and other "junk". Well, I returned last Friday. I also stopped at a couple of other sales.

Let's see what goodies I got this time.

This sale had lots of glasses and mugs. I got these for 50¢ each. A Bud Light Spuds MacKenzie Fright Night mug from 1987. Two Pizza Hut E.T. glasses from 1982. A 1978 Garfield the Cat glass from McDonald's. And a Disney World 25th Anniversary glass from McDonald's.

Also for 50¢ each I got a Superman Cupholder from 1988. A pvc Wizard Mickey Mouse and a rubber ALF (missing two fingers).

At the second sale I got The Official Polish/Italian Joke Book, How To Speak Southern book and a 1980 McDonald's Garfield glass mug. All three for 50¢!

On the third stop of my journey I bought this Tales From The Crypt Crypt Keeper Candelabra from 1996 for $3.00.

And lastly I stopped at a little junk store that just recently opened and bought four more glasses. Two Shrek and two more Disney. All four for $3.00.

I'd say that was another pretty good haul for a total of $10.50.

I think I'm going to have to slow down on my buying. I'm becoming a hoarder and my wife isn't real happy about that. :)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Some "Junk" I Bought At An Estate Sale

I haven't written about the stuff I bought over the July 4th yet, but I couldn't wait to show everyone what I picked up yesterday.

Friday after work, a co-worker and I went to a few estate sales. I didn't find anything at the first two, but I hit the jackpot at the third one. It was wall to wall "stuff". Whoever used to live there was obviously a collector of many things. I was told that they haven't even went through the attic or basement yet. I know where I'll be going next Friday!

Here's what I came home with --

Two metal lunchboxes from 1983. They're not in mint condition but, they should display just fine. The Seasons of Sesame Street lunchbox (made by Aladdin) still had the thermos. I paid $6.00 for it. The Return of the Jedi (Thermos brand) didn't have the thermos. I paid $8.00 for it because, well, it's Star Wars!

Three old horror records for $1.00 each. The Suspense Bela Lugosi record I've never seen before. It's an original radio broadcast with narrative introduction by Bela Lugosi, Jr. It was released by Mark 56 Records in 1973. Drop Dead! An exercise in horror! by Arch Oboler was released by Capitol Records in 1962. Sounds To Make You Shiver! Released by Pickwick in 1974. This was my absolute favorite scary record when I was a kid. I still have my original copy plus another one my brother picked up years ago. So, this makes three! I just can't resist them. Here's a Youtube video featuring side 1 of the album:

Two McDonald's The Great Muppet Caper Miss Piggy glasses from 1981. I already have one of these, but again I can't resist old character glasses cheap. A Miami Dolphins plastic stein. My brother is a Dolphins fan, so this is for him. I paid 50¢ each for these.

A vintage Handy Counter and a Masters of the Universe Battle Cat for 50¢ each. And lastly an Oscar Meyer Wienermobile whistle for $1.00.

I paid a total of $20.50 for all of this. I'm pretty happy with that. I can't wait to go back next week. She said she thinks there are more lunchboxes in the attic!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Trilogy Comics in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Third stop on the comic book store tour of Virginia Beach. When we pulled up to Trilogy Comics there were boxes piled everywhere in front of the store. I wasn't sure it was open. I went in and the owner told me they were packing up most of the store to go to HeroesCon. They had lots of cool new and vintage comics and toys. But, I just didn't see anything that really caught my fancy.

Visit their Facebook page here.

Store photos:

Monday, June 23, 2014

Comic Kings in Virginia Beach, Virginia

The second store I visited on my vacation to Virginia Beach was Comic Kings. This store was very neat and organized. They had a nice selection of new and old comics and collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh. They also have a fair amount of 1990s comic book trading cards and action figures.

Visit there Facebook page here.

Here's what I bought:

The Incredible Hulk Outcasts Two-Head action figure (1997) for $15. They had another Outcasts figure that I was pretty sure I already had. Luckily I made the right decision, I needed Two-Head. The only figure I'm missing from this line is Wendigo. Not so lucky on this next one. Marvel Essentials The Man-Thing Vol. 2 for $5. I shoulda brought my want list. They had a whole rack of $5 Essentials and I picked one I already have. Drat! And lastly I bought a pin that says "Hail Hydra!" on it for a buck.

And here's some random shots of the store:

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Benders Books and Cards in Hampton, Virginia

The first comic shop I visited while on vacation in Virginia Beach was Benders Books and Cards in Hampton, VA. This store was jam-packed with stuff! Comics, toys, trading cards, books, cats. Most of the store was divided into genres. Superhero, monsters, Star Wars, Star Trek, western, anime, war, adult, etc. If you don't mind digging a little bit, you just may find a few treasures.

Visit there Facebook page here.

Here's the stuff I bought:

Hulk bubble bath container (1990) for $6. Bride of Frankenstein cup from Wendy's (1982) for $2.95. Two Marvel 7/11 cups, Nighthawk and Hercules (1975) for $3.95 each. When I went to check out, I noticed the Hercules cup was cracked. He gave a couple of bucks off. Ralph Snart promo card (1992) for 49¢. Wizard "Christmas Eve in Brooklyn" promo card for 95¢.

And here's the photos I took inside the store:

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Thrift Store Score

I just got back late Friday night from a five day trip to Virginia Beach! The wife and I had a great time. While there I went to three different comic book/toy stores and an indoor flea market. I'm going to do posts on each of these over the next couple of days. But first, I wanted to do a quick post about some stuff I picked up at the Salvation Army before I left for vacation.

I got these two records for 99¢ each. Power Records Songs and Stories About the Justice League of America from 1975 and Kid Stuff Records Pink Panther Punk from 1981.

A Care Bears glass and Miss Piggy mug for 49¢ each.

And a book for 69¢. The Secret of the Fortune Wookie: an Origami Yoda book by Tom Angleberger.

I would say that was a pretty good deal for less than four bucks!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Flea Market Finds - Memorial Day Edition

My Memorial Day started with a trip to the Hartville Marketplace and Flea Market. Me, my wife, brother and nephew piled in the van and got to the flea market around 9:00 am. This is the stuff I bought by the time I left a little after noon.

The Incredible Hulk Colorforms Adventure Set from 1978. The box is kind of beat-up, but I'm really glad to ad this to my Hulk collection. I paid $4.00 for it.

I think it's probably missing a few pieces and, of course, it doesn't have the board to stick the pieces on.

Funny Face Drink Mix Freckleface Strawberry cup from the early 70s. My brother and I had all of these when we were kids. I think my mom sold them in a garage sale. Paid $2.00.

Various little figures for 25¢ each. McDonald's Mac Tonight. Pruneface and two Dick Tracy's. Bugs and Daffy. Oscar the Grouch. And a Hulk reading a book. I'm sure I already have a couple of these, but I couldn't pass them up for a quarter each.

A vintage rubber gorilla jiggler (1960s?/King Kong?) for $1.00 (not sure what the white stuff on his foot and armpit is, but I peeled it off after I took the photo). Six Million Dollar Man engine block $1.00. Snowflake scrapbook stickers 25¢. Two unopened boxes of of Comic Images/Previews promo cards 50¢ each. My brother bought two old Hulk Hot Wheels for $5.00. I wasn't sure If I had this one. Turns out I did, but his was in better shape. He traded me. What a swell brother!

Newsweek and US magazines from 1978 featuring Battlestar Galactica on the covers. $1.00 each.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader For Kids Only! I have a pretty big collection of Bathroom Readers. Paid $1.00. The Dynamite Party Book from 1978 for 50¢.

That's a pretty good haul for $14.75!

I also bought some fruits and veggies, but you don't want to see pictures of them. :)