Sunday, July 23, 2006

Legends Of The Superheroes (1979)

Does anyone else remember this? I remember thinking that it was really cool when I was a kid. It was shown as two TV movies in 1979. From -

'The adventures of many of DC Comics greatest superheroes and villians. In the first episode, The Challenge, the superheroes must race against time to stop the diabolical supervillians' plot to destroy the world. In the second episode, The Roast, the superheroes pay tribute to Batman and Robin in the form of a roast which even the villians attend.'


Batman - Adam West
Robin - Burt Ward
Captain Marvel - Garrett Craig
Green Lantern - Howard Murphy
Black Canary - Danuta
Hawkman - Bill Nuckols
The Flash - Rod Haase
The Huntress - Barbara Joyce
The Atom - Alfie Wise
The Riddler - Frank Gorshin
The Weather Wizard - Jeff Altman
Sinestro - Charlie Callas
Mordru - Gabe Dell
Dr. Sivana - Howard Morris
Solomon Grundy - Mickey Morton
Giganta - A'leshia Brevard
Retired Man/Scarlet Cyclone - William Schallert
Aunt Minerva - Ruth Buzzy
Esther Hall, Hawkman's Mother - Pat Carroll
Rhoda Rooter - June Gable
Ghetto Man - Brad Sanders
Host - Ed McMahon
Narrator - Gary Owens
Woman In Phone Booth - Marsha Warfield

Legends Of The Superheroes Theme (click link to download)

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