Friday, February 23, 2007

Walker Edmiston RIP

I just found out that Walker Edmiston passed away on Feb. 15, 2007. Who is Walker Edmiston you ask? He was a voice actor and character actor from 1952 until 2006 (one of his last voice-overs was on Ben 10). Some of his memorable roles from my childhood are - Dr. Blinkey from HR Pufnstuf,
Enik on Land Of The Lost and
the (uncredited) voice of the Zuni Fetish Doll from Trilogy Of Terror.


chumly said...

Boy did that bring back memories.

Davelandweb said...

Damn! I remember Dr. Blinkey. What a bummer.

Anonymous said...

Tell me about it. I've been listening to walker on the radio show "Adventures in Odyssey" and not too long after I found out he died, I googled his name and found out he was part of the cast of Pufnstuf and I couldn't help but giggle.

Fond memories! Much like watching General Hospital back in 1981 and finding out that WSB Agent O'Reilly was once Witchiepoo!

One fine weekend, I'm gonna have to rent that movie (Pufnstuf) and have a good laugh, even as I wish I could be a kid again.

Someone once sang it; "Life was so much easier, 30 years ago.