Saturday, March 08, 2008

Wacky Pack Flashback

Topps recently released a set of stickers called Wacky Pack Flashback.The basic set features 72 stickers reprinting some of the classic Wacky Packages from the 60's, 70's and 80's with new psychedelic borders plus a subset of "Lost Wackys".The special inserts include four levels of border parallels. Odds of finding a parallel card: Green Fluorescent (1:3 packs); Hot Pink Fluorescent (1:6); Silver (1:12); Gold (1:204).The other special insert is a set of ten Lenticular Motion Cards (1:12).There are also six different Bonus Stickers. Stinky, Burger Thing and G.I.Toe can be found in blister packs. Mr. Stubble in Toys R Us Bonus Boxes. Peter Panic in Target Bonus Boxes. Kid Kud in Wal-Mart Bonus Boxes.So far, I've bought two Target Bonus Boxes and five single packs. I have one full set of the basic cards, two of the Motion Cards (and one extra) and the Target Bonus Sticker. I'm not even going to attempt to collect the parallel cards.We're in the middle of a blizzard here in NE Ohio, so buying more packs will have to wait. I hope to get the other Bonus Stickers and some more Motion Cards before I turn to eBay for the others.All of the photos in this post come from the website Lost Wackys. Be sure to check it out for everything you ever wanted to know about Wacky Packages (old or new).If you just want to see the page about the Flashback series click here.Here's the Motion Card Land-O-Quakes in action--
YouTube video courtesy of ncbratzlers. Click the name to see more Motion Cards.


pika23 said...

OMG....My grandma has a Shot tissue and Nuts Apple sauce wacky packs stickers on her bathroom mirror! They're from the 70's when one of her nephews came to visit for a few weeks....its so funny how over 30 years later they hold up like that!

RoseRed775 said...

This is fantastic!!! I spent most of my allowance growing up on Wacky Packages and Horror Parade stickers. I STILL love seeing them as much now as I did then! Great Post!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I found my old Partridge Family lunch box in my parents basement covered in Wacky Package stickers yesterday while visiting...Those were the days. Thanks for the memories.