Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Mego Memories

Sorry I haven't been around lately. I have a new obsession. MEGO'S! My brother and I had most of these action figures when we were kids. World's Greatest Superheroes, Star Trek, Planet of the Apes and the Mad Monsters. I love those guys. I still have my Hulk (8 inch and 12 inch), Gene Simmons and Micronauts. My brother still has the Fantastic Four and a few others. Here's a childhood photo of our Mego's and other figures having some kind of brawl. I'm not sure what they're fighting about.
Here's a nice head-shot --
If you remember these toys, you need to visit The Mego Museum. They have a page for pretty much all of the figures, including variations, accessory checklists and more. If you want to talk about Mego's or just interact with some great people, join the Mego Museum Forums. One of my favorite things about the Mego Museum is the trading cards. They are beautiful. And the best thing is they are free! From the site --

"These FREE promotional trading cards were released to members of the Megomuseum community, and distributed at comic shops, toy shows and as freebies in auctions and sales. Impossible to find at retail and absolutely not for sale, check the Mego forums to trade with your fellow Megoheads and COLLECT 'EM ALL!!"

Thanks to the generosity of several members and some trades, I currently have over half the set. It's not an easy set to complete, some of the cards have become quite rare, but that's half the fun of collecting. THE CHASE!

Mego museum trading cards are free click here to get your hands on some
Mego Museum Trading Cards are Free, click here to find out how to get some!

But, there's much more than just the cards. You can discuss stuff like -- Mego-like figures, custom figures, movies, comic books, auctions, classic toys and much, much more. I'm having a great time hanging out there, I think you will too.

(Note: I reaquired one of my favorite childhood toys last weekend. Keep an EYE out for more info this weekend.)


Anonymous said...

love them aswell, still have a couple floating around. i have seen the re-releases of some of the star trek action figures, but they want like 20 bucks.

keep up the good work, welcome back.


Karswell said...

Megos are easily THE BEST doll toy ever made for boys, and girls. I still have a boxfull myself (and lots of severed limbs and heads), you can actually see a pic of me on the Mego Museum site on xmas morn holding up my Wolfman doll circa '74 here:

(FYI: Karswell's real name is Steve Banes.)

RoseRed775 said...

I don't know how I missed out on these!!! I'm so jealous. Thanks for posting. I'm checking them out right now.


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