Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Almost There...

It's almost time for the COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN! Beginning October 1st it'll be all Halloween, every day for the 31 days of October. I hope I can make it this year. I've already got about half of the months posts ready to go.

For more info, click on the button below --

Here's a cool promo video --

A special thanks to the following for putting all of this together --

John Rozum at
Shawn Robare at Branded in the 80s
Jon K at Jon's Random Acts of Geekery

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UniversalHorror said...

The video was neato....but I have to admit I liked the beginning and the ending best. Didn't really care for all the memorabilia stuff in the middle which...IMHO...was really more about the collectibles than about Halloween. Should have been more of a variety of general Halloween and spooky images in there, and the a promo for the Countdown...really should have been shorter. Was still really a grabber with that fangtastic opening, though! Good way to get people's attention and promote the Countdown in blogland.