Saturday, February 20, 2010

Toy Fair 2010 - Part 4

I had planned on posting Toy Fair photos all week, but I was really tired from work the last couple of days and didn't feel like doing much of anything. So now that I'm well rested, here's my last Toy Fair 2010 post.

DC Direct

The Tonner Doll Company

Here's some cool Star Wars stuff, courtesy of --


Tyme Machines

What toys are you most looking forward to?  I like a lot of them, but they are either too expensive or are only available online. And I don't usually buy stuff online. I really like the Lost and Universal Monster Mego-like figures. Being a Hulk fan, I think that Abomination is da bomb. And that Tauntaun sleeping bag is wickedly cool. If I only buy stuff I see in the stores, it'll probably be the Metal Men Gold figure and the Star Wars flash drives.

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chunky B said...

I'm really looking forward to that Batman Mattel DC World's Greatest (Retro, whatever) Heroes figure and that Giant AT-AT. Also that Galactus in your last post if I can find that in stores.