Thursday, April 01, 2010

Peter Cottontail - Peter Pan Records

Easter's almost here, so it's time for some Easter music. This album is simply called Peter Cottontail (8194). It is by the Peter Pan Orchestra & players and was released on Peter Pan Records. There's no date on it, but my guess is early/mid 70s. I ripped this album myself and there's still some snaps, crackles and pops on it. There is also a small skip on the last track.

Track Listing

1. Peter Cottontail
2. Betty Bunny's Birthday Day
3. Marshmallow Bunny
4. Jack Rabbit Hits A Home Run
5. Benny Bunny's Band
6. I'd Rather Be A Bunny
7. The Little Bald Bunny
8. Bunny Hop
9. Silly Easter Bonnet
10. Ozzie The Ostrich

Click the link below to download (link updated 3-24-2013) --

-- Peter Cottontail --

If you still need MORE Easter music, my Easter Mix 2008 is still available for download here.


prof. grewbeard said...

thanx for this, my Easter music collection is confined to one Gene Autry ep which i'll be posting tonite or tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

Yay THANKS for this!!!!! Was looking everywhere for this relic of my childhood... Lara

tymime said...

Any chance this could be reuploaded?

Erick said...

Link updated 3-24-2013.

Anonymous said...

Permission Denied.
"Bunny Hop (Full Version)" by The Tinseltown Players may be available for download from Amazon.
Tinseltown Players
Title: Bunny Hop (Full Version)
Album: Children's Songs