Saturday, April 09, 2011

POLL: Which 2011 Comic Book Movie Are You Looking Forward To Seeing The Most?

I've put up a poll. Cast your vote to the right. ------>

Which 2011 Comic Book Movie Are You Looking Forward To Seeing The Most?

The Green Hornet
Captain America
Green Lantern
Cowboys & Aliens
X-Men: First Class
Conan the Barbarian


Michael Jones said...

I'm 99% certain that I clicked on GL, but my vote went towards Thor (which would have been my second choice.)

Erick said...


I just checked the poll and your vote went to Green Lantern. I voted for Thor and there are only two votes so far.

Bleaux Leaux said...

I'm looking forward to Captain America, but I'm also a little leery. I didn't necessarily like where they took that character and his story over the years. If he turns out to be some "citizen of the world" type weenie I'll be pissed.

Luis said...

Voted for Green Lantern. As for the rest, in order of importance:

2. Captain America - really looks good, and I like the WWII setting.
3. Thor - Another favorite character of mine.
4. X-Men: First class - As with Captain America, I think the time era will make this interesting, even if I have zero interest in the characters other than Xavier and Magneto.
5. Conan - The trailer tells you nothing, but I'm hopeful.
6. Cowboys & Aliens - I'll see this for Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, other than that, I see little of interest.
7. Priest - Never heard of the character and the trailer looks totally generic.
8. The Green Hornet - I've seen this one and wish I hadn't - total crap.