Monday, June 13, 2011

An Early Father's Day Gift

I got an early Father's Day gift in the mail today. It's from my son Kenny's girlfriend Jordyn. She knows I'm a big ol' dork and that I love trading cards. So she went to and made a trading card for me for Father's Day. Here it is --

Here's what she wrote on the back --

It all started on the night of
Akron Ohio's Trick-or-Treat.
The relationship grew and
the crazy Jordyn and the
ridiculous Erick became
buddies. The adventures of
scrapbooking and non-stop
talking began and became a
part of their daily routine.
And they each became a
part of the other's life.
Jordyn now has finally found
a father figure to count on.
And Erick has someone to
consider a daughter.

Happy Father's Day
Love always; Jordyn

This card will hold a very special place in my collection.

I gotta go now, I think there's something in my eye.

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