Monday, August 08, 2011

Alice Cooper "Live"

I'm going to see Alice Cooper's "No More Mr Nice Guy" Tour tomorrow night at the Akron Civic Theatre. The last time I saw Alice live was 21 years ago!!! I'm all giddy :)

Here's some stats from the two previous Alice shows that I went to --

Live In The Flesh (Raise Your Fist And Yell) Tour
Sat. Nov. 14 1987
Pubic Hall in Cleveland
Opening act: Faster Pussycat

1. Intro
2. Teenage Frankenstein
3. Court Voice
4. No More Mr. Nice Guy
5. Billion Dollar Babies
6. Is It My Body?
7. I'm Eighteen
8. Go To Hell
9. Prince Of Darkness
10. Instrumental Intermission
11. Chop, Chop, Chop
12. Gail
13. Roses On White Lace
14. Only Women Bleed
15. Devil's Food
16. The Black Widow
17. Dead Babies
18. Killer
19. Intrumental Intermission
20. School's Out
21. Freedom
22. Under My Wheels

Trash Tour
Sat. March 17, 1990
Music Hall in Cleveland
Opening act: Danger Danger

1. Hello Hooray (Intro Tape)
2. Trash
3. Billion Dollar Babies
4. I'm Eighteen
5. I'm Your Gun
6. Desperado
7. House Of Fire
8. No More Mr. Nice Guy
9. This Maniac's In Love With You
10. Steven
11. Welcome To My Nightmare
12. Ballad Of Dwight Fry
13. Guttercats Vs. The Jets
14. Only Women Bleed
15. I Love The Dead
16. Guitar Solo
17. Poison
18. Muscle Of Love
19. Spark In The Dark
20. Bed Of Nails
21. School's Out
22. Under My Wheels

Alice Cooper’s widely anticipated new album, Welcome 2 My Nightmare, will be released September 13, 2011, by Universal Music Enterprises. Recorded with longtime collaborator Bob Ezrin, who produced the original multi-platinum Welcome To My Nightmare album in 1975, the album picks up right where they left off, with Alice trapped in his own warped mind.

Read the full story here.


Brian Ashmore said...

That's awesome!! I just saw Alice on August 5th... just 4 days before you did. I loved the show. It was neat to see the giant curtain with the Alice illustration when walking in. CAN'T WAIT for Welcome 2 My Nightmare... day one purchase.

Did your show have an opening act? Ours didn't. Not complaining, tho. LOL.

Erick said...

Alice puts on a great show! His opening act was a guy from England named LIVAN. He was a hard rocker, but I don't think I'm going to rush out and buy his CD's.

Jay Amabile said...

Looking forward to this Alice album. I'm a big fan. He always puts on awesome concerts!