Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Christmas

I guess I should post about my Christmas before the New Year arrives. :)
Our tree.
I had a wonderful Christmas morning with my wife Ginny, son Kenny and his girlfriend Jordyn. After the kids sorted out all of the gifts, we tore into them. I got the usual stuff like clothes, socks, underwear, scrapbooking supplies, etc. But, my wife really outdid herself this year.

One day in December she snuck out to a vintage toy store called The Toys Time Forgot. She bought me a bunch of great geeky stuff. And the amazing thing is, I didn't have any of this stuff yet.

1977 Incredible Hulk plastic mug

Frankenstein hand puppet

Alex Ross Incredible Hulk head mini-bust

Creature from the Black Lagoon t-shirt (pay no attention to "the girl")
Kenny and Jordyn also went all out this year. They bought me a Pittsburgh Steelers mini helmet autographed by the great Franco Harris. Wow!!!
After that we went to the in-laws for great food and family. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and that you have a wonderful New Year!

I would also like to thank Michael Jones from the blog My Two Yen Worth. He sent me a bunch of Japanese Godzilla trading cards that I gave to my brother for Christmas. Thanks Michael!


Caffeinated Joe said...

Looks like a very Merry Christmas! Happy 2012 to you & yours!

Joanna said...

Franco Harris! That's awesome. Happy New Year :)

iZombie said...

happy happy time.. all the best!

Michael Jones said...

I like your pants!

Erick said...

Thanks everybody. Happy New Year!

@Michael -- Haha! Those are my flaming skull lounge pants.