Friday, August 03, 2012

The Fat Albert Hey Hey Hey Holiday Collection

This is a pretty good deal for three specials. From TV Shows On DVD --
Hey! Hey! Hey! How about a Fat Albert DVD for all seasons! There's something for everyone in this collection that includes Fat Albert's Easter Special, Fat Albert's Halloween Special, and Fat Albert's Christmas Special. 
Fat Albert's Easter Special: While Fat Albert and the Cosby kids give old Mudfoot's home a surprise cleaning on Easter, Rudy decides to play a trick on his friends. Things get serious when Rudy's practical joke backfires and Mudfoot ends up in the hospital! 
Fat Albert's Halloween Special: After a night filled with more tricking than treating, Rudy and his friend, Devery, plan one last prank for spooky Mrs. Bakewell. But when two of the kids disappear into the old widow's house, Fat Albert and the crew set out to find their missing friends. 
Fat Albert's Christmas Special: When a family in need shows up at their clubhouse on Christmas Eve, Fat Albert and the guys offer to lend a helping hand. But when Tyrone, the grumpy junkyard owner, steps in, their good deeds could turn into a bad situation.

Classic Media - who were bought by Dreamworks less than 2 weeks ago - has scheduled a September 4th DVD release of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids - The Hey Hey Hey Holiday Collection. This single-disc release contains 3 holiday-themed specials which have previously been available on DVD, but for $7.77 they are now collected all together!

Pre-order it at the Amazon link below.


[Retro-Zombie] said...

always enjoyed the cartoon... i hope someday they will make a movie. thank you as always for sharing the goods.

Dr. Theda said...

My Birthday is May 19th, 1963.. date of my "Death' yet unknown... Will Know more on Thea date come first of the Year..... Will you post on My Death.......??

Anonymous said...

Love Fat Albert specials, but your blog sucks. No downloads and trendy graphic, Gene Simmons, pffft!