Monday, June 23, 2014

Comic Kings in Virginia Beach, Virginia

The second store I visited on my vacation to Virginia Beach was Comic Kings. This store was very neat and organized. They had a nice selection of new and old comics and collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh. They also have a fair amount of 1990s comic book trading cards and action figures.

Visit there Facebook page here.

Here's what I bought:

The Incredible Hulk Outcasts Two-Head action figure (1997) for $15. They had another Outcasts figure that I was pretty sure I already had. Luckily I made the right decision, I needed Two-Head. The only figure I'm missing from this line is Wendigo. Not so lucky on this next one. Marvel Essentials The Man-Thing Vol. 2 for $5. I shoulda brought my want list. They had a whole rack of $5 Essentials and I picked one I already have. Drat! And lastly I bought a pin that says "Hail Hydra!" on it for a buck.

And here's some random shots of the store:

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John Gaither said...

I will have to keep my eyes out for that other Outcasts figure for you and nice on the Man-Thing book but too bad you already had it.