Wednesday, November 04, 2015

The Akron Comicon Is This Weekend

This will be the fourth year for the Akron Comicon and I haven't missed one yet! It's a great little show and gets better every year. I highly recommend going to this show if you're in the northeast Ohio area this weekend.

See my past posts about the con here.
Visit the Akron Comicon website here.
For current updated visit their Facebook page here.

Current guest list includes:

Dave Aikins
Airship27 — Featuring Rob Davis and Ron Fortier!
Darryl Banks
Mikw W. Barr
Tom Batiuk (Sunday only)
Jim Beard
John Beatty
Allen Bellman
Andy Bennett
Craig Boldman
George Broderick Jr.
Broken Icon - Featuring Todd Beistel, Tristan Kelly and Eric Watkins
Chris Charlton
Fantastic Storytyme - Featuring Brett R. Pinson & Kevin Leen
Sean & Stephanie Forney
Brendon & Brian Fraim
Rodney Fyke
Daniel Gorman
Paul Gulacy
Mike Gustovich
Bob Ingersoll
Tony Isabella
Arvell Jones
Robert Kraus - RAK Graphics
Kevin Kuder
Rick Lozano
Dirk Manning
Milo Miller
Ohio Chronicles - Featuring Lee Smith
Only Human - Featuring Joseph A. Michael
Michael Perczak
Brad Ricca (Saturday Only)
AJ Sabino
Mike Sangiacomo (Saturday Only)
Tom Scioli
Scottcomics - Featuring Scott Bachmann
Ted Sikora
Tyler & Sara Sowels
Chris Sprouse
Paul Storrie
Marc Sumerak
Wayward Cross Comics - Featuring Landon & Brandon Franklin and Paul Com
Mike Witherby
Thom Zahler
Mike Zeck

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