Sunday, December 27, 2015

Another Wonderful Christmas! Here's What I Got!

As usual I had an excellent Christmas. Quality time spent with the family, great food and great gifts!

How was your Christmas? Get anything good?

Here's what I got --

I sliced my finger opening a box.

My wife got me a vintage Hulk Hide-Away playset from 1978.
It came with a Mego Hulk. I now have three of them.

Here's everything I got Christmas morning. It was mostly Star Wars and Hulk stuff.
I had to return the hoodie because it was too small. :(

Here's a few pictures of my Hulk Hide-Away.
The only thing it's missing is the cardboard Bruce Banner.

A Funko Chewbacca Fabrikation and a Hulk Pop! I already had the Hulk.
I returned it for a different one. More about that in another post.

Funko Mystery Minis.

The in-laws gave me a gift card to Outback Steakhouse.

My brother got me a Halloween Hulk Porch Greeter. :)

This is my tree.

And my Christmas toys as decorations.


Jamdin said...

Nice Christmas haul especially all the Hulks. Hope your finger heals up.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, dude!

Erick said...

Thanks Jamdin and Anonymous. My finger is much better now.

Bob Johns said...

I remember playing that hulk play set! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

Erick said...

Bob, I never had this Hulk playset until now. Better late than never. Happy Holidays to you, also!

mandy_Reeves said...

@Bob Johns holy crap Svenghoulie!! (sp) my husband and I watch him on Me-TV saturday nights. sorry this is a late post, I just remembered this blog after about 5 years.

My Christmas was pretty ok! I'm still getting pieces of it in the mail to this day(I get gift cards and buy stuff online and by the time it all arrives in mid Feb, it's christmas every other day!) I'm a Bio queen (female drag queen-all the stuff the guys do but tuck their stuff bc I'm a girl and don't have "stuff" to tuck) so most of my gifts were wigs and make up. It's the first year I didn't get any pop culture related stuff, since nothing I want is coming out yet( reboot ghost busters, new book about The Golden Girls)