Thursday, January 14, 2016

Stuff I Got After Christmas

Let's take a look at some of the stuff I got after Christmas, shall we?

My wife bought me a Funko Pop! Hulk that I already had, so we went back to The Toys Time Forgot and I traded it in for a Pinhead Pop! Isn't he adorable? I also picked up a couple of Mystery Mini's. I got Leeloo and The Fly.

I had to buy something vintage while I was there. :) I ended up bringing home The Monster Squad board game and an old Hulk bank.

My wife gave me $20 in gift coins for my favorite comic shop, Kenmore Komics & Games. I bought this Trivial Pursuit Marvel Cinematic Universe game. I don't know who I will play it with, but it looks cool.

Walmart clearance! Hulk toothbrush set, Chewie ornament and Star Wars wrapping paper.

Kohl's clearance! Marvel boxers and three Star Wars ornaments. Darth Vader, C-3PO and Kylo Ren.

Target clearance and a Mystery Mini (Stripe)! A little Mr. Potato Head Hulk, Stormtrooper helmet ornament and two mini Star Wars stockings.

CVS clearance! A Hallmark Iron Man ornament.

Barnes & Noble clearance! Four Funko Pop!s! Vision, Will Riker, Deanna Troi and Klingon.

Toys 'R Us mark-down! Gertie Pop! My Pop! collection is coming right along.

I found these two Hot Wheels at Rose's Discount Store. Fast & Furious and Batman on short cards.

On New Years Day our local Dairy Queen had all ice cream cakes on sale for $10 each on that day only! You could choose any cake they had in stock. I chose Batman! It took us a few days to eat it, but we managed. lol


Scott Bognar said...

I remember that Monster Squad game. We had it back when we were kids.

Erick said...

We did? I thought it looked familiar, but I don't remember a lot of things anymore.

Bob Johns said...

That monster squad looks awesome!

Jamdin said...

Our local Walmart's had the short card Hot Wheels by the checkouts a few years ago but I haven't seen any of them lately. I never found anything worth picking up then. While everything else looks great, the Monster Squad board game really stands out.

I have mostly stayed away from the Pops so far due to lack of availability in the stores around here. The local Walmart's seem to have one or two Walking Dead Pops every once in a while with their "As Seen On TV" section.

mandy_Reeves said...

since you're into nostalgia...and getting into the Funko Pops...Did you see they are coming out with a set of The Golden Girls??? I'm having a mini panic attack, actually. Also, not QUITE as old as golden girls, but still maybe up your alley...Seinfeld ones are on the horizon as well! Also A Team.

Erick said...

Mandy, Those sure are odd choices for Pop!s. But at the same time really cool. I might be interested in the A-Team.

storyteller said...

Man, I didn't even know there was a Monster Squad game. That's just awesome.