Monday, February 22, 2016

I'm Going To Wizard World Cleveland Comic Con!!!

I've never been to a Wizard World show before. It's a little pricey and I won't have a lot of cash, but it still should be fun.

There are a ton of guests I'd love to meet, but I think I'll only be able to afford one autograph. I'm gonna meet the one and only Freddy Krueger, Robert Englund!

The show is this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I'm going Saturday. Anybody else going?

Here's a link to the con - Wizard World Cleveland.

I'll share a bunch of photos sometime after the show.


Bulldog said...

I agree Robert England is the autograph you should get though Henry Winkler would have made it a tough decision for me. Have a great time. Can't wait to see your posts.

Erick said...

Thanks Bulldog. I already have Henry Winkler's autograph! :)