Monday, October 15, 2018

Marvel Comics Calendars 1975-1981

Here are the October pages from the classic Marvel Comics calendars from 1975 to 1981. I couldn't find a better scan of the 1979 page.


Colin Jones said...

For us British Marvel fans only the 1976 Bicentennial calendar was available (via mail order from Marvel UK in late 1975). I should have bought one but I didn't...d'oh!!

Joshua Raymond said...

These are great! To bad the 1979 one didn't have a better scan, because we could use it again this year, since 1979 and 2018 sync up on calendar days.

Dex said...

Love the classic Marvel calendars!

Erick said...

Colin - I had the '76 calendar when I was a kid. I found one at a local show not too long ago and bought it.

Joshua - I didn't notice that. Cool!

Dex - They are neat, aren't they? :)