Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

This is my 200th post. Boy, how time flies.

It just didn't seem like Thanksgiving unless I watched the Macy's Parade every year when I was growing up. Unfortunately, my wife doesn't like to watch parades on TV, so I have to sneak it in if I can.

I decided to search YouTube for some parade clips from the 70's and 80's. I found some from the 80's but none from the 70's. I did find a cool clip from the 60's though. I also threw in a few from the early 90's. Enjoy.

The Munsters Escort Santa

1981 - Aileen Quinn as Annie

1984 - Fraggle Rock Float

1985 - Care Bears Float (with Miss America Susan Akin)

1987 - Marvel Universe Float

1989 - Marvel Universe Float (with Melba Moore)

1989 - The Joker Float

1993 - Spider-Man Balloon (with deflated head)

1993 - Sonic The Hedgehog Balloon (Not shown - Sonic smashing into a lightpost and exploding. Yes, the hedgehog's balloon happened to pop, thus prompting the crew to use stock footage of Sonic before the collision.)

1993 - Bart Simpson Balloon


L.J. Norden said...

Most controversial float for 2007, referred to as the “Hitler Balloon”, as reported 11/20/07 on the Google news. The float is to promote the new Tom Cruise movie Valkyrie, which is based on the plot to assassinate Hitler during the height of WWII. Many groups are expressing outrage, and are demanding the float be removed. To see pictures, google “Hitler Balloon”. WOW.

Sallie said...

I love the clips from past floats- especially Annie and Fraggle Rock. It brings back so many memories!

pattyb23 said...

Would you happen to have a copy of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2007. I'm trying to find a copy but I can't find one anywhere. Please email me at pattyb23@charter.net