Sunday, August 03, 2008

Wonderful Widget

Hey kids! I created a widget for my blog. Add it to your blog or website and let the world know of the wonders of the Wonderful Wonderblog. Get it here.

I couldn't get it to display here. If anyone snags it, let me know if it works.


Azathoth said...

Not so wonderful widget:

I myself have in the past tried without success to use widgets from widgetbox so it is with some skepticism that I tried yours - and it worked! So I gleefully added it to my blog. I was so excited that I ran right over to widgetbox and made widgets for both of my blogs... they worked!

Then I reloaded my blog a couple times and they all stopped working and I haven't been able to get any of them to load since so I had to remove them all from my blog. :(

They work on wigetbox's site but as soon as you stick em on a blog - nothing. *sigh*

Azathoth said...

I got them to work! On Blogger, you have to use the add page element HTML / JavaScript function in your page layout and add them that way - not in a regular blog post...

You can see them working (including yours) on my blog here (scroll down to the bottom of the stuff in the right side-bar):

unfortunately Opera doesn't have such a thing so I can't make them work on my opera blog which sux because that is more like my main one that I post to more often and the blogger one is for extra non-audio stuff that doesn't necessarily go with the stuff on the opera blog. oh well at least it works someplace.

Erick Monsterama2000 said...

Azathoth thanks for figuring this out. I'll add your widget to my sidebar.

UniversalHorror said...

Erik, he's right about how to add it....I just added a widget to my blog. Looks really nifty!

Azathoth said...


Universalhorror: I added your widget to my blog also.

I like these widgets now that I got them working - when I'm on my blog updating it I can see if there's anything new elsewhere at the same time without loading a bunch of blogs for no reason... 'course the bloglist feature blogger added awhile back kinda did that already - but these do it with pictures!

UniversalHorror said...

I just added both of your widgets to my blog also. :-)