Monday, September 08, 2008

Somebody Come and Play...

I noticed that it's Sesame Street Week over at PlaidStallions. So, I thought that I'd try to post some classic stuff from The Street this week.

I love Sesame Street. It's the greatest kids show of all time! Jim Henson was a genius. I'm gonna start off with some clips from YouTube --

Be sure to visit these fine folks YouTube Channels for more classic videos.

From asaweryold.

Does anyone remember when Oscar the Grouch was orange? This is "I Love Trash" from the first season (1969).

S For Superman (1970)

From BipBippadotta.

Roosevelt Franklin Elementary Poison


Fat Cat Sat Hat

From sawing14s.

Grover The Elevator Operator

M For Magic

Yip Yip Aliens Discover a Radio

Visit the official Sesame Street Channel at YouTube. They have a bunch of classic and newer clips. Unfortunately, embedding has been disabled for these.

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