Sunday, June 21, 2009

Monster Bash 2009!

The Monster Bash is coming this weekend, June 26-28 at the Days Inn Conference Center in Butler, PA. This year's Conference is dedicated to the memory of Mary Shelley's man-made-monster - Frankenstein's creature! Unfortunately I can't go. But as in previous years I've made a music compilation based on this year's guests.

Track Listing

1. Universal Fanfare (1939)
2. The Brides of Dracula
3. Chiller Theatre
4. The Creature From the Black Lagoon
5. The Creature Walks Among Us
6. Ed Wood
7. First Man Into Space
8. Ghost of Frankenstein
9. The Haunted Strangler (Radio Ad)
10. I Was a Teenage Frankenstein/Blood of Dracula (Radio Ad)
11. Incredible Hulk
12. The Little Shop of Horrors
13. The Munsters
14. Night of the Living Dead
15. Not of This Earth!
16. Plan 9 From Outer Space
17. Revenge of the Creature
18. Son of Frankenstein
19. The Terror
20. Whatever Happened to Eddie? by Eddie and the Monsters

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Previous compilations --

This year's guest list --

Donnie Dunagan - The Little boy from SON OF FRANKENSTEIN (1939), TOWER OF LONDON (1939), and the voice of Disney's BAMBI.
Janet Ann Gallow - The Little girl from THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN (1942) with Lon Chaney Jr., and IT AIN'T HAY (1943) with Bud Abbott and Lou Costello.
Gary Conway - The Teenage Frankenstein monster from I WAS A TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN and HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER.
Ron Chaney - Lon Chaney Jr.'s grandson who was very close to his "gramps." Ron also starred in a self produced project call CURSE OF THE WOLF MAN.
Butch Patrick - The son of Herman Munster - Eddie in THE MUNSTERS. He also appeared in HAND OF DEATH, THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH, and much more!
Yvonne Monlaur - Hammer Horror at Monster Bash with Yvonne Monlaur, star of THE BRIDES OF DRACULA, CIRCUS OF HORRORS, and THE TERROR OF THE TONGS.
Chris Costello - Lou Costello's daughter will do live commentary on Lou's outrageously fun home movies!

Lou Ferrigno - Classic TV's THE INCREDIBLE HULK....also, he appears in the latest HULK movie as a security guard and as the voice of The Hulk.
"Chilly Billy" Cardille - The host of Pittsburgh's Chiller Theatre from the 1950s through the 1980s on Channel 11, Pittsburgh, PA. This is the man who brought you spooky movies and made pizza parties a way of life on Saturday nights for the city of Pittsburgh for three decades. Bill will only be at the Bash for a limited time. Make sure to get an autograph from this Pittsburgh icon. Appearing Saturday only.
Kyra Schon - Rising again from the's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD's cutest zombie - Kyra Schon! Veteran Monster Basher, Kyra, will be signing autographs on photos and prop trowels too! Get one for your collection at this year's Monster Bash!
Tom Savini - Local monster, done good! Tom Savini, horror renaissance man. He's dome it all - breakthrough special effects master, actor, director, artist, sculptor and teacher. See Tom back at BASH!
Bill Hinzman - King of the Zombies - it's Bill Hinzman from the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968). Get his autograph at Monster Bash, or he'll eat your brain.
John Russo - Co-writer of the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) and actor (he's one of the zombies!).
Russell Streiner - Johnny from the movie....he's the one that says "They're coming to get you Barbara!" After being killed early on, he re-appears as a zombie.
George Kosana - "They're dead...they're all messed up!" The sheriff from the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968).
Conrad Brooks - Ed Wood's buddy and featured actor in PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, BRIDE OF THE MONSTER, NIGHT OF THE GHOULS (Though he doesn't remember this one...he's in it!), THE MAD MAGICIAN, THE BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS, GLEN OR GLENDA and Tim Burton's ED WOOD (as the bartender).
The Abbott & Costello Show Live - Bill Riley and Joe Ziegler return to Monster Bash - The Ultimate Abbott & Costello impersonators....they'll be on stage and roaming through the show with Sid Fields "nephew" - Jason Crutchley! Get ready for some serious (HA!) Monster Bash fun with the team! They'll also be roaming Monster Bash all three days.
Kevin Slick - Keyboardist and life-long silent film fan, Kevin Slick! Kevin will perform at this year's MONSTER BASH! Don't miss out on this live event.
Don Reese - Monster Bash stand-up comedy Saturday Night with Don Reese. Catch the man from Iowa at Bash and around the country through the year....check out his schedule on his web site....he might be near your area soon!RUN!
Jonathan Haze - Jonathan Haze returns to MONSTER BASH! Jonathan appeared with Bash Guest Gary Conway in THE VIKING WOMEN VS. THE SEA SERPENT. Jonathan is also known for his roles in THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, NOT OF THIS EARTH and THE TERROR wit Boris Karloff. Jonathan's in much more too! He's one great guy....make sure to speak with him at this year's Bash! Jonathan's appearance at Monster Bash is made possible by writer Larry Fultz Jr.
Richard Gordon - Movie producer Richard Gordon is back at Monster Bash! Richard produced THE HAUNTED STRANGLER, CORRIDORS OF BLOOD, FIRST MAN INTO SPACE, FIEND WITHOUT A FACE and more! He assisted Bela Lugosi on the set of VAMPIRE OVER LONDON (pictured above), the British stage production of Dracula and worked with Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing!
Ron Chamberlain - Monster Bash Master Make-Up Man, Ron Chamberlain is back in the horror halls of Bash. You'll see strange creatures roaming the Bash that looked like they walked right out of your favorite classic monster movie thanks to this modern day wizard! Ron will also have original art for sale at Bash.
Daniel Horne - Pittsburgh native artist with some of the coolest sculptures and illustrations to be seen anywhere in the Monster World.
Ghoul A Go-Go - See you're favorite TV show personalities at Monster Bash! It's Vlad and Creighton from the Ghoul A Go-Go show. A twisted twisting monster-craze for kids of all ages. A retro kid's show that is a combination of Dick Clark's American Bandstand and The Addams Family.
Cortlandt Hull - Cortlandt Hull is the nephew of Henry Hull (the WEREWOLF OF LONDON) and Josephine Hull (ARSENIC AND OLD LACE). Cortlandt, in his own right, is a sculptor and artist, heading The Witch's Dungeon in Connecticut. On display you'll see some of Cortlandt's life-size wax classic monsters!
Ygor - Michael Thomas - Old grumpy blacksmith who will introduce many films at Monster Bash! Michael is a make-up artist from New York City with a long line of movie credits...and he's one of the funniest, wittiest guys on Planet Bash!
Son of Ghoul - The horror host that rocks Cleveland through to its bones! Son of Ghoul will be back to put the scare on you. Make sure to visit him at Bash and if you're in Ohio, check your local listings for that SOG listing! Son of Ghoul will host Saturday Stooge Matinee at Bash.
Frank Dello Stritto - Author of BELA LUGOSI: VAMPIRE OVER LONDON and numerous other magazine articles and books on classic horror films, Frank Dello Stritto returns to Monster Bash. He'll be speaking on extensive research he's done on passport and travel information on our classic horror stars like Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, and others! As usual, expect this to be more than just a talk....Frank has plans to make this quite an entertaining feature at Bash!
Leonard Kohl - The author of the book Sinister Serials and all around great mad doctor, Leonard Kohl, will introduce and give history on our Creepy Cliffhanger features Friday and Saturday. Len is one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet when it comes to serials (and vintage cartoons!). Don't miss his presentations at Bash!
Penny Dreadful's Shilling Shockers - Back at Bash, it's Penny and the crew, including Garou. This Boston area TV creepy crew will be bringing their unique brand of horror and humor to Monster Bash. Plus, check out all the cool goodies they'll have at their table, including DVDs of their TV shows and scary movies! Kids, don't worry, Garou the werewolf doesn't bite, but he slobbers a whole lot.
Midnight Monster Hop - Join the Pittsburgh area's TV horror show and attraction Castle Blood. Stop by and get chilled with Ricky and the gang!
Tom Weaver - Noted author of many, many books on the genre. Host of the Bash Braintwister Quiz live at Bash.
Richard Scrivani - Noted author of the book "Good Night, Whatever You Are!" An expert on the Universal horror films. He's also the host of the Forgotten Film Series at Monster Bash.
Lorraine Bush - Classic Monster portrait artist! Cover artist for Monster Bash Magazine.
The Patient Creatures - Spooky personalities, the Patient Creatures will be roaming the Monster Bash halls in search of a home....perhaps, yours! Our friends from the Netherworld will treat the kiddies to spooky stories too!
....and David "The Rock" Nelson - The indescribable David "The Rock" Nelson. But, we'll try! No budget film-maker from the Chicago area. An inspiration to some, a nuisance to others. But, undeniably a unique personality that can't be duplicated or cloned. Fueled on coffee and monster movies, and video taping everything for stock footage in his movies. If you see people running down the hallway and a guy wearing a suit and a rubber creature mask and dripping wet from going in the swimming pool, you've found The Rock!


Anonymous said...

Erick, Big Cheeze here, wondering if you've a flat ascii text file of the songs in the 2009, 2008 & 2007 Monster Bash compilations. I like to keep artist name & song titles & year of issue if possible.

Thanks in advance.

Plaidstallions said...

Man, I was this close to going to this but sadly I can't swing it this year.

Anonymous said...

It looks like this file has expired. Could it be re-posted?

Brian Hale said...

Repost? Love 'em!

Erick said...

Sorry Brian I don't have it anymore. I lost a bunch of stuff when my old computer crashed a few years ago.