Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Content Acknowledgment Award

Jeremy from Olive Monkeys has given me the "Content Acknowledgment Award". I'm very honored. My blog doesn't have the most content, but I'm really glad some people enjoy it. The "CAA" is given out monthly and the Wonderful Wonderblog is only the third blog to receive it. The coolest thing about this award is that it's blog specific, which means I don't have to share it with anyone else :)

Make sure you visit Jeremy's other blogs, they're chock full of good stuff --

Two Thumbs, Eight Fingers
Black and White


Wings said...

I like it! And I like the idea of an award given to one blog, for that one blog. Great idea! Congrats!

Olive Monkey said...

i think making the award to one specific blog, i feel it is important to be highlighted, and erick i always have enjoyed your info and detail.

please vote for more of your favorite places, so many great ones out there...


Aaron M. said...

Congrats Erick!