Sunday, May 09, 2010

1981 Kenner Empire Strikes Back Catalog

Here's some scans I made of a 1981 Empire Strikes Back catalog. Some really cool stuff was released that year. My brother had most of those figures and ships. You can still join the Star Wars fan club, but you'd better hurry. Sadly they are discontinuing it after this year. Here's the announcement from the website --

Due to changing realities of the evolving fanscape, the Hyperspace Membership Community will be discontinued as a paid subscription offer in 2011. Today -- May 5, 2010 -- begins the last year of Hyperspace.
But Hyperspace is going out with a bang! Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Episode V, we've put together our biggest and best Hyperspace Membership Kit ever -- a tribute to three decades of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and a look forward to the future of STAR WARS. For the first time in years, this kit will be shipped in a tube, rather than flat. Good news for poster collectors! We'll have a closer look at the kit very soon. Some key items include:

•Dark Horse Comics presents "Thank the Maker" comic book
•An uncropped, larger version (18" x 32") of the Empire poster included in the original 1980 kit
•Patch with 30th anniversary Empire Strikes Back logo
•Membership card with Clone Wars art.
•Exclusive Topps trading card
•Pencil with classic Empire Strikes Back art -- a recreation from the original 1980 kit
•And more! Look for a full preview of the kit to come soon....

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C.K. Dexter Haven said...

Thanks so much for scanning this! The 1981 catalog was the one I "hid" in the corner of a dresser drawer, only to have a parent unceremoniously toss it out not long after. For years, I would search in vain for that missing catalog. I also remember getting a 1978 or '79 catalog at the box office when Star Wars was reissued in theaters...