Sunday, May 23, 2010

LOST Finale!

I am going to geek out on LOST tonight! A 2 hour recap show, 2 1/2 hour finale and the Jimmy Kimmel special. I took a vacation day tomorrow so that I can stay up late tonight :) In my opinion, LOST is probably the best show to ever be on television. I have never been so engrossed in a TV show like this before.

Caffeinated Joe pretty summed up my feelings about LOST.



Wings said...

Can't wait either! Hope it is just pure LOST fun. Bet there will be sadness, but with LOST, that's nothing new! Thanks for the link to my post, much appreciated!

Jason said...

Lost is Cancer to Television

For six years LOST has had me more confused than Paula Abdul at a physics lecture. Really, LOST, Really?  A parallel reality, really?  I saw it the first time when it was called SLIDING DOORS.  Yeah, I just called you out for ripping off a Gwyneth Paltrow movie from 1998!  This whole last season has been nothing but a disappointment.  Yes the Jacob/Man in Black was a compelling story-line, but could you please tell me what that has to do with the last five seasons?  Good writing demands that these two integral characters must be introduced in the first act of the story, but good writing was never your strong suit.  Instead we have to be content with the fact that it happened on the island so it is vaguely kind of related to a story line similar to the one that I have literally devoted six years of my attention to.   The "Adam and Eve" skeletons are the man and black and his mother?  You know what would have been more interesting? More>>>

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No doubt..that is the one of the best TV show..