Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Saga of the Captain America Movie Poster

My wife and I went to see Captain America: The First Avenger on Sunday. Here's my review -- Awesome! Go see it!

We went to our local cheap theater where all seats are five bucks for any showing. We also bought a large popcorn, a large drink and a small drink for less than $10. You can't beat the price. So, I ask the guy at the concussion stand what they do with the movie posters. He says they sell them for $5. Five bucks? Can I get one? He says they should have a couple of extras and nobody else has asked for one yet. I leave him my name and number. I get a call on Monday that they have my poster. My wife drives me over to the theater and I give the guy five bucks. I am now the proud owner of a ginormous Captain America poster. Now to find some place to hang it.
(Note: this is not a photo of the actual poster that I own. It is an image I found online of the same poster.)

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Anonymous said...

thats pretty cool that you got the poster, but I used to work at theaters and its actually illegal to sell posters. (unless its in a frame and they say they just sold you the "frame" with a free poster inside.)