Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Favorite Posts - 2007

Man, I used to share a lot of music. I need to get my computer fixed. I miss making compilations.

Random Songs of Horror Compilation download

The Story of Star Wars Download

Groovie Goolies Download

Gay Purr-ee OST Download

Pittsburgh Comicon Photos

Howard the Duck OST Download

Monster Bash 2007 Compilation Download

Funny Bone Favorites Download

Toon Tunes Download

Elvira Presents Haunted Hits Download

Frankenstein View-Master Booklet Scans

Movie Monsters Book Scans (download link not active)

Funny Bone Favorites Vol. II Compilation Download

Do You Fear What I Fear Compilation Download


Anonymous said...

And that is how I found you years ago.

Thanks for reposting this stuff!

Anonymous said...

any chance of a repost of these things on anything but Rapidshare? PUH-LEASE? These would make great bedtime mix for my newborn. I would so sincerely appreciate it. Thanks for any consideration of this request.