Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Interview With ME at The Non-Sport Update Blog and a Giveaway

Yay! Harris over at the Non-Sport Update blog did an interview with me. Read it here (go ahead, I'll wait) --


Pretty cool, huh?

I've been buying Non-Sport Update (NSU) magazine since it was first published in 1990. I love this magazine! Here's a description from their Facebook page --

Non-Sport Update magazine offers features, departments, pricing, and more for collectors of non-sport and entertainment trading cards (cards such as Star Wars, Stargate, Twilight, LOST, Elvis, Bench Warmer, and more). In addition to the articles, each issue includes our "Take Along" Price Guide (with pricing for cards from the late 1800s to today) and sample promotional trading cards. Our articles are written by collectors and hobby experts.

You can find NSU magazine at your local comic book store or subscribe through the NSU website.

NSU Website
NSU Blog
NSU on Facebook

And now for the giveaway!

I'm giving away three stacks of random non-sport promo cards. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post and make sure I have a way to contact you. Three winners will be drawn on Sept. 20. Good luck!

This is a sample of some of the cards you might receive.


SonOfCelluloid said...


Joanna said...

What a GREAT giveaway!! Please enter me too. You can find me at:


cmcdjj37 said...

Awesome interview! And now I have another blog to follow.


Jay Deitrich said...

Super cool interview. Congrats!! What an awesome giveaway!! I'm in!


Caffeinated Joe said...

Great interview, Erick! I have some non-sports cards, myself. Haven't looked at them in awhile, but now I wanna give them a gander! One of the best sets I got was a box of the Six-Million Dollar Man cards from the Mrs. Great stuff!


Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

Anonymous said...

love your blog! thank you for the contest!! :)
~ Belldandy

Mike Tilford said...

Great job on the blog and please enter me in your promo card contest! :)


Robert said...

just found your blog through NSU, figured i would post here so i get a little chance for the giveaway :P


iZombie said...

that was some great words and you earning your props/respect from those who enjoy you.

please put me in the giveaway, maybe we can trade cards. i have a bunch that is hiding in my house.


wolfie said...

Hi Erick

Great interview, he's a nice chap that Harris.

Thanks very much for doing the promo contest, please enter me for it.



Szym said...

Great interview !
Cool contest !
Count me in
collectormania at hotmail dot fr

JohnYoung said...

Congrats on the interview. Very nice! Funny thing about the mention of Chu-Bops, my brother and I were talking about them the other day after he'd looked at a nostalgia candy site that sells candy from the last 4 decades that is not widely available anymore.

John Young

Ted Dastick Jr. said...

Nice, and thanks for the contest!

tedstoons (at) yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your interview on the NSU blog and reading your blog here too. I wasn't aware of your blog until today. (It's now tagged as a "Favorite"!) I wish I had known about your blog earlier. My wife is a HUGE scrapbooker and it would have been a real treat to have entered your contest for the "My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software". I'll have to pay close attention, in case the opportunity ever presents itself again.

I hope you'll enter me into your contest for the promo cards. (That would be a real treat for ME! Lol)

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Kevin S. Doughty
"Kennywood" on Card Talk
E-Mail: PghPA22@sbcglobal.net

Michael Jones said...

I commented over on the NSU page before even reading about the contest.
Count me interested in the cards. If I ever get off my ass, I'd love to send you a bunch of Japanese ones (I think I still owe you a Raiders mag!)