Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween With Jordyn

I've posted pretty much all of my family's Halloween photos over the years. So now it's time to share some pictures of my son Kenny's girlfriend Jordyn. Isn't she cute? Thanks to Jordyn's grandma for digging up these photos.
1992 - Little Pumpkin Jordyn

1994 - Jordyn is a tiger and her sister Schyler is a ladybug

1995 - Schyler as Pocahontas and Jordyn is an elephant

1995 - Dalmations

1996 - Clown sisters

1997 - Bumble bee girls and an unknown Wolverine

1998 - Princess Jordyn

2000 - Jordyn as Tinkerbell

2002 - Renaissance girls

2007 - Pirate Jordyn and her nephew Dragon Liam

2009 - Party girl Jordyn and her friend Rachel as the Joker

2009 - And just for the heck of it, another picture of Rachel as the Joker

2010 - Jordyn and Kenny carving pumpkins