Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mad Monster Memories

Here's a story of the Mego Mad Monsters from my brother Scott --

"When my brother and I were kids we had most of the action figures Mego produced. We had almost all of the Super-Heroes, Planet of the Apes, Wizard of Oz, Star Trek and of course the Mad Monsters. We only had three of the four. For some reason we never got Dracula. Come to think of it, I didn't have Dracula in a lot of the sets of monster action figures I bought over the years. The first figure I ever got was the Horrible Mummy. I think I was only around 6 or 7 when I bought him at the local Best store at a reduced price. His box had been ripped open, so I got him for a good price. I remember opening him on the ride back home. I stared at that pale face and glow in the dark eyes for a bit then put him back in his box. When I got home I buried him deep in my action figure box. Turns out I really did find him horrible. I was very scared of this figure. It was quite some weeks later before I opened him up again and got over my fear. Soon I got the Monster Frankenstein and the Human Wolfman. They became some of my favorite toys. Now I have the complete set. None of them are my original figures, except the Wolfman left arm on Frankenstein. But they're still some of my favorite toys!"


Dave Lowe said...

I loved those figures too AND I actually got the Mummy first also. I remember being frustrated that Frankenstein looked so short compared to the others. The Wolfman was my favorite.

maD_mAN said...

got the promor cards i won today, very happy about them did only have 1 of them from before ^^,
so thank you very much