Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Toys Time Forgot

About a month ago, I went to a vintage toy store in Canal Fulton, OH called The Toys Time Forgot. I nearly had a nerdgasm when I walked in there. My wife had went there around Christmastime to buy me some presents (see pics here) and the only other time I'd been there was probably about 15 or more years ago. I spent way too much time just admiring all of the wonderful collectibles (my wife was waiting in the car) and I finally walked out of there with three Marvel Legends Hulk figures and a bunch of packs of Star Wars and Battle of the Planets trading cards. I dealt with the owner (who is a great guy) and think I got a pretty good deal. They graciously allowed me to take some photos with my cell phone. The one thing I wish I would have photographed was a set of Funny Face mugs with pitcher. If you're ever in NE Ohio, I highly recommend visiting this store.
Wow! A Marx Creature from the Black Lagoon and a Mummy Soaky.

All kinds of great action figures here. Ideal STAR Team Zem 21 and Knight of Darkness. Battlestar Galactica Colonial Warrior. Buck Rogers Tigerman. Pulsar and his nemesis Hypnos. V alien. I still have a Zem 21 and my brothers Pulsar.

Jigglers! I had the Mummy.

Marvel Legends.
Statues and busts galore.

Poor Howdy Doody has been lynched! I had this ventriloquist dummy when I was a youngin'.

Holy crap! A carded Aqualad (although the back of the card was cut open).
I love Shogun Warriors!

These Groovie Goolies statues are awesome!

G.I. Joe. I still have pieces of Mike Power, Atomic Man.
DC Super Powers Collection and Mego Pocket Super Heroes.

This one's for my brother. The Fantastic Four.


It Came From The Man Cave said...

Holy Shark Repellent Batman! That looks like a great store! How did you walk out of there with out spending your life savings? Thanks for the post!!

Joanna said...

Did I see lunch boxes? I gotta get down there!! Thanks for the reminder.

Dex1138 said...

I don't think I've ever used the word "toygasm" before but it seems appropriate!

Mike T. said...

Oh my God! I would have died - what great stuff!!!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

That is amazing. Why can't I live near this museum...a museum I can buy from.

zillapig said...

Kinda looks like my room.

Michael Jones said...

Incredible. It's like all of Akihabara in one store!