Monday, May 26, 2014

Flea Market Finds - Memorial Day Edition

My Memorial Day started with a trip to the Hartville Marketplace and Flea Market. Me, my wife, brother and nephew piled in the van and got to the flea market around 9:00 am. This is the stuff I bought by the time I left a little after noon.

The Incredible Hulk Colorforms Adventure Set from 1978. The box is kind of beat-up, but I'm really glad to ad this to my Hulk collection. I paid $4.00 for it.

I think it's probably missing a few pieces and, of course, it doesn't have the board to stick the pieces on.

Funny Face Drink Mix Freckleface Strawberry cup from the early 70s. My brother and I had all of these when we were kids. I think my mom sold them in a garage sale. Paid $2.00.

Various little figures for 25¢ each. McDonald's Mac Tonight. Pruneface and two Dick Tracy's. Bugs and Daffy. Oscar the Grouch. And a Hulk reading a book. I'm sure I already have a couple of these, but I couldn't pass them up for a quarter each.

A vintage rubber gorilla jiggler (1960s?/King Kong?) for $1.00 (not sure what the white stuff on his foot and armpit is, but I peeled it off after I took the photo). Six Million Dollar Man engine block $1.00. Snowflake scrapbook stickers 25¢. Two unopened boxes of of Comic Images/Previews promo cards 50¢ each. My brother bought two old Hulk Hot Wheels for $5.00. I wasn't sure If I had this one. Turns out I did, but his was in better shape. He traded me. What a swell brother!

Newsweek and US magazines from 1978 featuring Battlestar Galactica on the covers. $1.00 each.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader For Kids Only! I have a pretty big collection of Bathroom Readers. Paid $1.00. The Dynamite Party Book from 1978 for 50¢.

That's a pretty good haul for $14.75!

I also bought some fruits and veggies, but you don't want to see pictures of them. :)


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Colorforms! I have a set very similar to that, has some of the same "stickers" even, but also includes Spider-Man and some of his arch enemies. It's fun to pull out and play with every once in a while. I've even thought about framing the board so I can hang it on the wall and put the "stickers" on the glass.

Dex said...

Oh yeah, I had that Spidey set! Nice score on the magazines, I always love "going back in time" to read what was being said about popular movies/TV shows.

Derek Ash said...

You need a little tiny toilet for the Hulk to sit on.

LOVE the figurines!

John Gaither said...

Sweet grabs! And i had that Hulk van when i was a youngster it's the one with the little view-finder in the back right?