Thursday, January 01, 2015

Stuff I Got For Christmas Part 1

How about a Christmas post on New Year's Day? Sure, why not. :) Happy New Year everybody!

I get a lot of stuff for Christmas. My family really spoils me. My wife complains about all of my "junk" and then buys me more! lol  As most of my readers know, The Hulk is the main focus of my collection. 

So, here's the Hulk stuff I got for Christmas. Starting with what my wife got me:

Vintage 1978 Duncan yo-yo! This is really cool! One side has a nifty picture of the Hulk and the other side is lenticular, with two different Hulk images when you tilt it.

 I hate when Blogger turns one of my pictures and doesn't give me the option to switch it back.

 Hulk clock. Wonderful!

Infinite Series Hulk: I saw this when my wife and I were Christmas shopping and I told her that I didn't have it. I was pretty sure she bought it. Avengers Assemble Leader: I cheated and bought this and gave it to my wife to give to me for Christmas. Hulk Widgets: It looks like he's pooping. :/

 A cool Marvel t-shirt and Hulk Visionaries: Peter David Vol. 3 (Trade Paperback).

 Marvel Select Abomination and Hulk playing cards: I'm 99.9% sure I have this Abomination and 100% sure I already have the playing cards. I still have to check on Abomination to be absolutely sure and hopefully we can take them back and trade them for something else.

 Here's what my brother got me: Mr. Potato Head as Hulk and Wolverine, Super Hero Adventures Hulk and a magic towel with Spidey, DD and Hulk.

Now I, too, can smell like the Hulk! Thanks bro! Haha!

Well, that's all of the Hulk goodies I got. Hopefully I'll do another post with the rest of the stuff I got for Christmas. Did you get anything cool for Christmas?