Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Labor Day Flea Market Finds

Thought I'd get this in before The Countdown To Halloween starts.

Here's some stuff I bought or saw at the Hartville Flea Market on Labor Day.

Godzilla Game for $8.00. It's missing the playing pieces and the box, but I'd never seen one before.

The Bionic Woman board game. It was in a stack of games that were marked $4.00 each and then the lady said everything was half price. 

Hulk tray puzzle $1.00. BootLego Hulk $4.00.

Frankenstein car and Dracula comics $1.00 each.

I found these Smurfs buried under some Christmas stuff at a booth where everything was 3 for  a $1.00!

More 3 for a $1.00.

The Empire Strikes Back 3D trading cards. 3 packs for $5.00.

Old Fisher Price animals. 25¢ each.

6 Ziggy pvc figures for $5.00.

The following is stuff that I did not buy, but took pictures of.

Beatles cards.

Bionic Oscar Goldman?

Zombie Ponch.

Mork & Mindy.

Dragonmaster game.

Holiday blowmolds.

Character glasses.

"Not the mama!"


Bob Johns said...

That Godzilla game looks cool I have never seen one before either. Bionic Women for 2 seems like a steal!

Tom said...

I have that Dragonmaster game. I asked for it for Christmas one year based solely on the drawings. I never played the game. 2 Warps to Neptune did a post on it for which I supplied scans of my cards. https://2warpstoneptune.wordpress.com/2014/05/09/complete-set-of-bob-peppers-dragonmaster-cards-1981/. Some great art.

Erick said...

Tom, those Dragonmaster cards are beautiful! Kinda wish I woulda bought them now.

Anonymous said...

I do remember that Godzilla game, but I was a HUGE Godzilla fan when I was younger so I tend to remember all the stuff that was released. I never had that game, but I always wanted it.

Christian Matthews said...

I still have the Godzilla game I received as a child. The box is worn and falling apart, but it still works. From time to time my daughter and I pull it out of the closet and play a couple of games. Good to see you found one.

Erick said...

That's cool Christian! I wish mine was complete so that I could play it.