Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ed Wood OST - Music by Howard Shore (1994)

This is the wonderful soundtrack by Howard Shore to the Tim Burton film Ed Wood. It has a stellar cast featuring--
Johnny Depp .... Ed Wood
Martin Landau .... Bela Lugosi
Sarah Jessica Parker .... Dolores Fuller
Patricia Arquette .... Kathy O'Hara
Jeffrey Jones .... Criswell
G.D. Spradlin .... Reverend Lemon
Vincent D'Onofrio .... Orson Welles
Bill Murray .... Bunny Breckinridge
Mike Starr .... Georgie Weiss
Max Casella .... Paul Marco
Brent Hinkley .... Conrad Brooks
Lisa Marie .... Vampira
George 'The Animal' Steele .... Tor Johnson
Juliet Landau .... Loretta King
Clive Rosengren .... Ed Reynolds
Here's the track listing--
1. Main Title
2. Backlot
3. Mr. Lugosi/Hpyno Theme
4. Beware
5. Glen Or Glenda
6. Eddie, Help Me
7. Elmogambo
8. Bride Of The Monster
9. I Have No Home
10. Kuba Mambo
11. Nautch Dance
12. Angora
13. Sanitarium
14. Ed And Kathy
15. Elysium
16. 'Grave Robbers' Begins
17. Lurk Him
18. Ed Takes Control
19. Eddie Takes A Bow
20. This Is The One
21. Ed Wood (Video)
Ed Wood (56.78 MB)


Anonymous said...

I told my BullCity Boys (music pals) in a current quickie:

Oh, and for those of you novelty fiends (as I is) who followed the
link of Lee at:
to the (new to me) really great Halloween stuff at:

Hey, there's Ed Wood OST - Music by Howard Shore (1994)
in zip. ZIp it up, or buy it, not at Walmart, if that's what you need
to do to remain ethical. Just like the record industry that brings it
to you that way... And the film industry that brought you the film...
Doose I hear boos? Yowsah!

Thanks Mr. Wonderful.. er, Erick Monsterama2000...
Your taste is exceeded only by your waistline, and say, you remind me of someone...
from my childhood...


Anonymouse Dennis of Hillsborough

Anonymous said...

My pals know I always seem to keep adding to my emails.. this is no exception.

TRUE STORY: I was leaving Paris after a glorious (our first) visit to France (early Sept), and there, walking with a taller, handsome black dude,
was a scruffy rather smallish guy, hey, that's Johnny Depp, I said to myself, and reached over for Mary, my wife... He already had headed toward a door that
was for special people, since a French policeguy stood holding it open... Get this... NOBODY else noticed him. Nobody.
Why not?

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was last year. He had a scraggly beard, and long hair. Baggy corderoy pants, and loose fitting top...

Anonymous said...