Sunday, February 03, 2008

Shell Kepler, RIP has reported that actress Shell Kepler passed away on Feb. 1. She is best known as nurse Amy Vining on General Hospital (she played the part from 1979 until 2002).

Being a teenager in the early 80's, I was into many things. Star Wars, classic monsters, KISS, Marvel Comics and GENERAL HOSPITAL! I watched it after school every day. Luke, Laura, Robert Scorpio, Anna Devane, Duke Lavery, Noah Drake, Frisco & Felicia, Blackie, Frank Smith, The Cassidines, The Quartermaines, The Ice Princess and nurse Amy Vining. She never seemed to have a very big storyline, but she was always there for over 20 years.

According to the Medical Examiner's office, Kepler died of renal failure. IMDb says she was 46, the M.E. says she was 49.

Read more about Shell Kepler on IMDb and Wikipedia.

Below is a small tribute to Shell. It features the theme songs from TV shows that she starred or guest-starred in and the 1981 novelty song "General Hospi-Tale" by The Afternoon Delights.

Track Listing

1. General Hospital Theme (1979)
2. General Hospital Theme (extended)
3. General Hospital Theme (1997)
4. Port Charles Theme (1997)
5. Three's Company Theme (1981)
6. CHiPs Theme (1978)
7. General Hospi-Tale by The Afternoon Delights

Click the link below to download --

--> Shell Kepler <--

Here is a YouTube clip from a 1983 episode of General Hospital featuring Amy, Lesley and Rick. Video uploaded by pxlbarrel (who has posted 466 GH videos).


Dane said...

How sad! I used to watch GH during the early 80s Luke & Laura heyday, and just loved Shell as Amy Vining.

Mike said...

Excellent blog.
Any chance that you'll be reposting the Ed Wood soundtrack sometime soon???