Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hulk Month

It's Hulk Month at The countdown to the release of "The Incredible Hulk" on June 13th has begun. Click the links below to discover the best of the Hulk --

Hulk Bio
Abomination Bio
Thunderbolt Ross Bio
Betty Ross Bio
Doc Samson Bio
Rick Jones Bio
Archrivals: Hulk vs General Ross
Archrivals: Hulk vs Abomination
Archrivals: Hulk vs The Leader
Ask the Director: Louis Leterrier's Hulk Fan Q&A
Big Time Buzz: The Incredible Hulk Press
Digital Comics Highlights: Hulk Incarnations
Digital Comics Highlights: Hulk Villains
Green Screen: Hulk on TV
Incredible Toys: Hulk Action Figure Gallery
Psych Ward: General Ross
Psych Ward: The Abomination
Psych Ward: The Leader
Take 10: Hulk Villains
Take 10: Hulk's Incarnations
Take 10: Hulk's Sparring Partners
Smashed: Second Incredible Hulk Trailer


Moon said...

Hi Hi! Im hoping you can help me!
I am trying to find the name of an actor. He did alot of stuff in the 70's. He usually played bad guys, or so I can recall. The thing that stands out about him is his face. His nose really. It looks like he was burned. His nose is thin and the nostrils slightly uneven. I think he was slightly blonde-ish and blue eyed. Maybe did some westerns. Its been a brain worm for me, and I cant rest till I find that name! ackk! Help me, please...someone just has to know... Thank you!

Moon said...

You know what! I found him! I tossed my copy of Rob Zombies Halloween in last night and there he was! I cant beleive I forgot that was the last place I saw him besides then remembering I saw him in a terrible sci-fi about a zombie miner that also starred Karen Black. His name? Richard Lynch...

And it looks like he has had a bit more surgery over the years on his face but he still is pretty creepy most the time. ;0)
Anywho, thought Id let you know I figured it out. Thought it would kill me actually. LOL I met him once briefly in Joshua Tree California at a Walmart of all places, I think that was back in 93 ish....

Moon said...

Odd little side note on how he was burned.