Thursday, November 06, 2008

Coming Up On Wonderful Wonderblog...

Thanks again to everyone who visited my Halloween Countdown this year. I appreciate it very much. I should probably start putting together next year's countdown now :)

With 100% of the ballots counted, the poll results are in --

Your favorite Halloween candy by sign?

Red Hots/M&M's/Pop Rocks -- 1 vote
Gobstoppers/Mary Jane/Goldenberg Peanut Chews -- 1 vote
Charms Blow Pops/Twix/Smarties -- 1 vote
Lifesavers/Baby Ruth/Twizzlers -- 0 votes
Fun Dip/Starburst/Kit Kat -- 2 votes
Raisinettes/Candy Corn/Jolly Ranchers -- 1 vote
Jordan Almonds/SweeTarts/Junior Mints -- 1 vote
Candy Cigarettes/Licorice/Hershey's Special Dark -- 3 votes
PEZ/Mounds/Chuckles -- 1 vote
100 Grand/Good & Plenty/Sugar Daddy -- 0 votes
Wax Bottles/Whoppers/Necco Wafers -- 1 vote
Swedish Fish/Wax Lips/Rolo -- 0 votes

Coming soon --

Last year I posted about putting together a compilation of NFL novelty tunes. Well, I dropped the ball on that. I hope to have it up this month. If anyone has a link to a funny football song or a song sung by an NFL player, let me know.

I'll also probably post pictures of some of my football autographs. And maybe a few other things if time permits.

I'm also working on some Christmas posts for next month.

Everybody have a great holiday season. I'll see ya soon.


Ernie said...

Christmas? Did someone mention Christmas?

eSunshine said...

thanks for all the great post and giving a poop about your passion...

hope you have a great holiday season and more... it is well deserved!



Erick said...

Ernie -- So, do you like Christmas music?

eSunshine -- Thanks. Happy holidays to you, too.

The Fiji Mermaid said...


Thanks for the great posts. Your blog is always a enjoyment around Halloween. I love the posts with the old halloween costumes.

Erick said...

"Your blog is always a enjoyment around Halloween."

Hey Fiji Mermaid, don't you enjoy my blog the rest of the year? :)

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Erick, I love the blog all year around, but the Halloween time of the year is especially great.

Erick said...

Thanks FM. I was just kiddin' ya.