Sunday, January 23, 2011

Heroes World Superhero Catalogue Part III

Here's pages 11 thru 20 of the Heroes World Superhero Catalogue from 1978.
11. Galactic Goodies
I had the Battlestar Galactica models.
Didn't know they made Shogun Warriors models. Would love to have them.
UPDATE: We had the Raider and Grandizer models
12. More Galactic Goodies
13. Bat-Cave
I don't remember having a lot of Batman stuff.
Might have had some Corgi vehicles.
14. More Bat-Cave
My brother had the Kryptonite.
It was just a rock painted with glow-in-the-dark paint.
15. MEGO
I still have the Gene Simmons figure.
Never had the other KISS figures.
My brother still has The Hall of Justice.
16. Mego Magnificent 12" Action Dolls!
My brother had the 12" Christopher Reeves Superman.
Never had the other Superman or Wonder Woman figures.
I still have the 12" Hulk.
17. Mego Vehicles
I don't think we had any of these.
May have had the Batmobile.
Would love to have Aquaman vs. The Great White Shark for $12.95.
UPDATE: According to my brother, we had the Batcycle but it broke very quickly.
And he had the Wayne Foundation.
18. Mego Super-Heroes!
We had most of these (a couple of some of them).
Never had Joker or Speedy.
It's weird they don't show Tarzan, Thing, Kid Flash or Aqualad.
19. I saw that Hulk Pinball at a flea market and didn't buy it.
Wish I would have.
20. Don't remember most of this stuff.
May have had the Spidey-Copter.

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