Sunday, January 30, 2011

Heroes World Superhero Catalogue Part IV

Here's pages 21-30. 20 more to go!

Part I
Part II
Part III

21. I would love to have that Galen Hang-Up.
And who wouldn't want a Howard the Duck patch!
22. More cool stuff.
23. Stamp Out Boredom!
24. I need a Hulk bank!
25. Super Games and Hobbies
I also need a Hulk Giant Coloring Book!
26. I love old board games!
I think we had Batman.
27. Eat 'N Drink with the Superheroes!
28. Now were talkin'!
Power Records! Love 'em!
Still have a bunch of them.
(Need: Incredible Hulk Hauler)
29. Super-ize Your Room!
Had the Spider-Man and Wonder Woman switchplates.
30. Dave's Room is awesome!

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