Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fallen Souls

On October 1st I asked my son's girlfriend if she could write a Halloween poem for Wonderful Wonderblog. She has a real talent for writing poems and songs. You may remember she wrote a Valentine's Day poem for the blog back in 2011. She sat at the table with pen and paper and a determined look on her face. In about 15 minutes she cranked out a poem. I was astonished by her creativity! She also drew the picture that accompanies the poem. Sadly, about a week later, they broke up after being together for 2 ½ years. I still keep in touch with her and she said it was OK to post her poem. I really miss her, she was like a daughter to me. So, without further ado, here is a Halloween poem by Jordyn McAdams.

Fallen Souls

Teenage tipping toes
Creep up wooden stairs
And adventures for giggles
Now raise goosebumps through hairs.

Ghostly figures whisk by curtains
Shadows with eyes lurk inside doors
Screams shatter throughout echoed halls
And much more awaits to be in store.

Winds flutter up fallen dead leaves
Under moonlight's devilish glowing
A mischievous night occurs all around
Even for unfortunate souls unknowing.

Lock your windows, doors and minds
Parents keep your children safe in bed
For believing in those spirits for only one second
Will open the locked door to insanity in your head.

Possessed by power only the corrupted have known
You will slowly begin to fade away
The moonlight will die, as the sun's time will shine
Swept away in the dead of leaves your mindless body will stay.

© 2012 Jordyn McAdams


Caffeinated Joe said...

Nice! Fits the Halloween mood.

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