Wednesday, January 30, 2013

40 Years Of KISS

40 Years ago today, the hottest band in the world played their first gig in a small club in Queens. Click here to read a cool little article called "40 Years Later: The Story Of KISS & Makeup".

What are some of your favorite KISS songs? I don't think they have any bad songs, just some are better than others. I even really like Music From The Elder! I've been a fan of Gene's songs since I was a kid. Some of my favorites are Charisma, Unholy, Mr. Blackwell and all of Gene's solo album.

To celebrate, here are some videos courtesy of KissVEVO.


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Doug said...

Saw them on the Love Gun tour, right after Alive! II came out. Chicago Stadium, December 1977, 13th row center stage -- a friend's mom got the tickets. I was 11 1/2. What the heck was my mother thinking???