Thursday, January 24, 2013

What's Big And Green And Comes From Japan?


I would like to give a great big 'thank you' to Michael Jones from the blog My Two Yen Worth for the wonderful Hulk care package he sent me all the way from Japan. In return, I sent him a bunch of trading cards including a set of Mars Attacks Heritage and other cards. I hope he likes the cards because I sure do love all of my new Hulk goodies. Here's what he sent me --

Avengers cup with a Hulk topper from a movie theater.

These little figures came in those green capsules which were inside a chocolate egg.

Hulk Be@rbrick.

This little guy comes on a string and can be hung anywhere.

Justice League Green Lantern Blockhead figure.

There sure were a lot of stamps on that package!

Thanks again Michael. I really appreciate it!

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