Saturday, January 19, 2013

More Sketch Cards!

I've added a few hand-drawn sketch cards to my collection over the last few months, so I thought I should share them with everyone. I've also included some older sketches that I've never shared before.
Boba Fett by Gabe Farber from Star Wars Galaxy 6 (Topps, 2011)

Jawa by Linzy Zorn from Star Wars Galaxy 7 (Topps, 2012)

Punisher vs Wolverine by Mauro Fodra from Marvel: The Bronze Age (1970-1985) (Rittenhouse Archives, 2012)

FUBAR II by Steve Willhite from Alterna Originals (Alterna Comics, 2012)

Anakin Skywalker and Clone Trooper by Lak Lim (I won this card in a give-away from the Sketch Card Fanatics Facebook page, Nov. 2011)

Hulk by Kirk Jarvinen (I "met" Kirk through the Mego Museum Forums where we traded some cards. He graciously sketched this card for me in 2008)

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