Sunday, May 26, 2013

Yard Sale-ing

Saturday I went yard sale-ing with my wife. Since I don't drive and don't have any friends, she carts my butt around town and just sits in the car while I look through other people's junk. I [heart] that woman.

I already showed you what I found on Friday  and a book I got on Saturday. Here's the rest of my Saturday haul --

Hot Wheels: Two Halloween 2-packs and the A-Team van for 50¢ each.
Mystery Machine and Flintmobile for $1.00 each.

Kermit pajamas $1.00. Dick Tracy Thermos $1.00.
Frosty 75¢. Fast food "Creature" 25¢.

Almost 3 foot tall blowmold ghost for $5.00.
I think I got a pretty good deal on all of this stuff.
Monday I'm going to a local flea market. Hopefully I'll find some more "treasures" there.
Happy hunting!


Dex said...

Awesome stuff! That ghost is great.

Derek Ash said...

Sweet finds man! Extremely jealous of your A-Team van especially! But The blow-mold ghost is my absolute favorite.

Erick said...

Thanks guys! It's gonna be a blowmold Halloween.