Saturday, September 14, 2013

2013 Countdown to Halloween

This is just over two weeks away! I'm signed up again this year and as usual I'm way behind on ideas. :)

If you have a blog and plan on doing a bunch of Halloween posts during October, you should sign up at the Countdown to Halloween blog. It's a lot of fun!

Also, if any of you great followers of Wonderful Wonderblog would like to contribute to my countdown, I'd really appreciate it. You can email me here with your old Halloween stories or photos and I'll add them to the blog during October.

Thanks and Happy Hauntings!


Caffeinated Joe said...

Signed up, too! Need my own ideas!!! LOL

Rusty Walrus said...

Glad you signed up. You are one of my favorite crypt keepers. What sort of things do you want for your countdown?

Erick said...

@Caffeinated Joe - Good luck!

@Rusty Walrus - Thank you! I'm looking for anything Halloween related. I love photos of people in costume, decorations, trick-or-treating, parties, monster/horror collections, etc. Or a cool or spooky story that happened to you at Halloween. I'm looking for other people's Halloween memories. :)

Dex said...

Crowd sourcing your Countdown blog posts? Genius!

My first couple weeks are going to be fluff because I'll be in DisneyWorld :) So I gotta get crackin on those posts posthaste!

Rusty Walrus said...

Can you transfer vinyl records to some sort of music share?