Monday, November 10, 2014

Akron Comicon 2014 Review Part 1: Guests and Autographs

I spent this past Saturday at the Akron Comicon. It was the third year for this show and it gets bigger and better each year. I'm going to review it in four posts because I like to take lots of photos. :)

For more info visit their website and Facebook page.

Part one is the guests and autographs.

Comic book artist Joe Rubenstein.

ROM #1 and The Micronauts: Special Edition #1 autographed by Joe Rubenstein.

Joe Rubenstein autograph.

Comic book artist Ron Frenz.

Ron Frenz autograph.

Ron Frenz autograph.

Golden Age comic book artist Allen Bellman. He drew Captain America in the 1940s and 50s.

Sub-Mariner print autographed by Allen Bellman.

Comic book artist Mike Gustovich. Creator of the superhero team Justice Machine.

The New Mutants #3 autographed by Mike Gustovich.

Comic book artist Jose Delbo.

Superman print autographed by Jose Delbo.

Comic book artist Graham Nolan. He co-created Bane.

Comic book writer Gerry Conway. Co-created the Punisher and Firestorm. Wrote the death of Gwen Stacy storyline in Spider-Man.

Comic book artist Chris Sprouse.

Comic book artist Joe Staton.

Comic book artist Mike Witherby.

Gerry Conway, Chris Sprouse, Joe Staton, Tom Batiuk, Graham Nolan, Tony Isabella.

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argocitycomics said...

Really great Rubinstien book.

I loved meeting Mike Witherby too! I had a stack of stuff for him to sign!