Friday, November 07, 2014

Akron Comicon 2014

The Akron Comicon is this weekend! It's in its third year and I'll be there on Saturday. The show is getting so big they had to make it two days instead of one! The Akron Comicon will be held at the historic Quaker Station in downtown Akron. I'll be sure to take lots of photos! :)

Here's this year's guests:

Dave Aikins
Carter Allen
Aaron Archer
Darryl Banks
Mike W. Barr
Tom Batiuk
Allen Bellman
Andy Bennett
Craig Boldman
George Broderick Jr.
Broken Icon - featuring Todd Beistel, Tristan Kelly & Eric Watkins
Chris Charlton
Dustin Carson
Gerry Conway
Jose Delbo
Fantastic Storytyme - featuring Brett R. Pinson & Kevin Leen
Sean Forney
Ron Frenz
Mike Gustovich
John Haun
Hazzum Productions - featuring Rodney Fyke
Tony Isabella
Kevin Kuder
Rick Lozano
Dirk Manning
Graham Nolan
Ohio Chronicles - featuring Lee Smith
Michael Perczak
Joe Rubenstein
AJ Sabino
Scottcomics - featuring Scott Bachmann
Tyler & Sara Sowles
Chris Sprouse
Joe Staton
Paul Storrie
Marc Sumerak
Wayward Cross Comics - featuring Landon Franklin
Chris Yambar
Thom Zahler

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Erik said...

Have fun. Get lots of promos!